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Man, I’ve been in a rut. I don’t know what to shoot anymore, a little bit lost and sluggish. I do like the paddle-surfer though, mainly because if the pier wasn’t there, it’d be difficult to separate the meshing of the horizon and the ocean line; it’s not even in black & white, it was just incredibly bright that afternoon.


Thinking about starting a small organization here in Hawaii for the conscience consumer and where to purchase “happy meat”. There aren’t a whole lot of small farms here on O’ahu and we get much of our meat and dairy products from the mainland. It would be nice to get the islanders to stray away from factory farmed practices and perhaps more into modern, progressive alternatives that are both economical and humane. I think what and how we eat does reflect a side of our humanity, especially in developed states where food choices are plenty. Help and ideas appreciated if you wanna jump on board.



sour sliver

June 17, 2011 § 3 Comments

Well, it’s been a while since the last post. Been feeling a bit lost photography-wise.

I don’t know why limes, but I thought they looked a bit lonely and separated. And sour. I was salivating all morning while preparing lime pickle for the summer sun. Can’t wait, definitely not an instant gratification side dish.


Far Away

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White sandy beach in Kailua. Up ahead is Rabbit Island. It looks like a painting rather than a photo.

Been feeling kinda distant from my friends this week on top of feeling unmotivated. Sad face. Gotta get my energy and optimism back.

dinner for three

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Sometimes I want to catch the bits of sadness in people’s lives in a William Eggleston way. Three cobs of corn, that’s a bit lonely, I think when you envision what dinners are ideally like. On a similar note, I’m looking forward to Wilfred coming out. It plays on the daily depression Ryan/Elijah Wood goes through that leads to an attempted suicide which fails. A new neighbor wants Ryan to look after her dog, Wilfred-who looks like a normal dog to everyone else except to Ryan-her dog, being a large Australian man in a shaggy dog suit.

still here

May 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

Quietest day of rapture.


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The oscillation of a fan. Because it’s blistering hot in Oahu. Maybe it’s because of Judgement Day… May 21st, Saturday. At 6PM wherever you are.

So anyone up for a After Rapture soirée? Or Breakfast for Dinner? Stephen Colbert tweets: On the off chance the world doesn’t end on Saturday, could somebody feed Gipper for the next week?

Thankfully, Ash dropped off my camera today-I was deathly concerned I left it at a karaoke bar the other night. Thank yoooou!

Comforts: at night

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